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iPlastics - APSOPRS Newsletter - New Issue out!

Asia-Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has released the latest issue of iPlastics - its official newsletter. Dr. Akshay Nair serves as the editor-in-chief since 2021.

Click below to access the newsletter:

iPlastics 2023 Vol 8 Issue 1
Download PDF • 19.99MB

This issue has a special guest editorial by our first iPlastics editor - Dr. Audrey Looi and an insightful interview with Dr Raymond Douglas that Dr. Farzad Pakdel conducted for us.

Dr. Stephanie Young and Prof Yoon-Duck Kim's comprehensive paper on Complications of Asian Double Eyelid is one of the most in-depth papers published in iPlastics till date. Dr. Nidhi Pandey's manuscript on atypical adnexal cysticercosis throws light on unusual manifestations of this disease.

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