Dr. Akshay G. Nair


Dr. Nair believes in evidence based medicine and using his sound training in oculoplastic surgery, his keen sense of aesthetics and sharp skills, he has been able to deliver optimal outcomes in thousands of happy and satisfied patients from different parts of the world. Dr Akshay G. Nair is a member in good standing of many professional bodies; namely the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS), the Oculoplastics Association of India (OPAI), the Bombay Ophthalmologists' Association (BOA) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

Diplomate of the National Board, Ophthalmology

Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, India

Fellow, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery & Ocular oncology,

L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India

International Council Of Ophthalmology Fellow,

Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery,

New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, New York, USA

Dr Nair is an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon and Ocular Oncologist practicing in Mumbai, India. Dr Nair has a strong academic background and expertise in performing basic and advanced lid, orbit and aesthetic oculoplastic surgeries. 


Dr. Akshay Nair, internationally recognized oculoplastic surgeon, author and speaker has nearly a 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and has co-authored 13 chapters in ophthalmic text books. A much sought-after speaker, Dr Nair has delivered many invited scientific talks and has also presented 24 Oral Paper Presentations, 18 Poster Presentations and 6 Video Presentations in addition to being a co-instructor / chief instructor for 20 Instruction Courses at national and international conferences.


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