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Ocular Prosthesis

(Artifical Eyes)

Many times, an eye is lost - due to injury, infection, a tumour or in rare cases, developmental malformation since birth. In other cases, a  damaged eye may appear small in size - like in phthisis bulbi. In all these cases, the socket or the space in between the eyelids appears empty and hollow giving an unnatural appearance. 
For such cases, an oculoplastic surgeon, like Dr. Akshay Nair, may perform a surgery - either an evisceration or an enucleation and place in the socket an orbital implant. Once the wound heals, an ocular prosthesis is placed over this. An ocular prosthesis is custom built - to appear natural in size, shape, movement and overall appearance. The entire process of creating an artificial eye or prosthesis is a painstakingly detailed one and need specialised training and qualifications.
Working along side Dr. Akshay Nair in delivering outstanding results is ocularist Rajendra Pawar, who has created over 2500 customized ocular prosthesis over the past many years for ptients from across the globe. He has been recognized by the Scleral Lens Education Society Society (USA) and founding member of Ocularist Society of India.
Some of the patients that Dr. Akshay Nair and Rajendra Pawar have worked together on are shown here below: 

Case 1

artificial eye, prosthesis, ocular prosthesis
Here is a case of a young boy who lost an eye due to a firecracker injury and had to undergo an evisceration surgery where a PMMA spherical implant was placed in the orbit. After 6 weeks, a custom ocular prosthesis was fit in giving a natural look and making it nearly impossible to tell which is the real eye and which one is the artificial eye.
Below is a video of Dr Nair performing an evisceration surgery:

Case 2

oculr prosthesis, artifical eyes, ocularist, evisceration, enucleation
Due to repeated attacks of uveitis - inflammation of the eye, this young gentleman developed a condition that can be best termed as 'painful blind eye'. After carefully evaluating all options, he chose to undergo an enucleation with an implant, which was performed by Dr. Akshay Nair. The eyes remain closed for about a week. The prosthesis was placed over the implant a month following surgery. He gained not only relief from his pain but also his lost confidence and a normal appearing right eye!

Case 3

Retinoblastoma eucleation evisceration prosthesis ocular,
As a survivor of Retinoblastoma, this 6 year old girl has always been a fighter. Retinoblastoma is a rare type of cancer that arises from the eye and is mostly seen among children. This child underwent an enucleation surgery to remove her right eye which was affected by retinoblastoma. The surgery was life saving and an implant was placed over which a customized ocular prosthesis was fashioned. She now does everything that a normal 6 year old girl should do !
Here is a video of an enucleation surgery performed by Dr. Nair:

Case 4

Ocular prosthesis, evisceration, extended enucleation
A custom made ocular prosthesis was placed in this patient's left eye after she underwent and extended enucleation surgery for introcular extension of ocular surface squamous neoplasia - a rare type of cancer that typically affects the outer coating of the eye - the conjunctiva. The prosthesis is a natural appearing one and has the same iris colour, pigmentation and blood vessel pattern as her normal eye. The complete recovery period is about a 4 to 6 weeks. 
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